Monday February 06, 2017
COURTESY of the Leicester Speedway History website we bring you an interview with new Lions Polish signing, Kacper Gomolski.

Congratulations on signing for Leicester. How quickly has this come about?
To be fair I wanted to be back to the UK straight after the Blue Riband meeting at Poole last year. I was 4th after a re-run with Harris and I really missed that UK atmosphere. Poole was the perfect place for me, but I like this lifestyle around British speedway. My manager spoke with clubs, with Leicester, the first contact was a few weeks ago but I had to wait to see what happened with other clubs. When we started to negotiate we needed two days to get done the deal.

Had you had any other interest from British teams before the Lions for this season?
Not really, if there was some interest then my average didn’t fit so…

You’ve rode in the U.K. every two years since 2011 & said in the Lions press release you will continue this. What is the reason behind this decision?
The Year when I was in Poole I had a lot of racing. Even in Poland my scores were up and down I feel I need it. I know how many positive things British league gave me. I raced on hard tracks and don’t have problems later. For example I raced in Grindsted in Denmark – one of the hardest and technical track in this country, and the British experience helped me and I had a lot of good meetings there. Also I cooperate with Peter Johns and I know my racing here will help me to be in touch with him more often. Also after 2015 I think I can be more valuable rider than before. Of course I can’t guarantee anything, but I want to be better and hope supporters will understand that and will be with me. I still have some work to do in the UK and want to learn few tracks and technique, but I will do everything so that when our supporters will leave the stadium they will be happy that they saw a good show and racing. I love winning and when people cheer after finish line that’s the feeling which I’m looking for.

You rode in 2 meetings for Poole at Leicester in 2015, but bends 3/4 have been changed since then, any memories of riding the track & how easy do you think you will adapt?
Well this track is special. I will chat with my friend Szymon Wozniak – I know he is one of the icons here and we are friends, so I’m looking for some tips. Also Buczkowski raced here and had few good meetings here. I need a few laps on practice. It’s much different when you can test a few things & make more laps before a meeting than when you come as a guest straight to tape. I am also open to build experience here and be more technical, so looking forward to race on that track. I’m not afraid.

Last season you rode for Torun. Now you are riding for Gdasnk in the 2nd tier. What are your aims for 2017 in Poland?
Well, I had two hard years in Poland with a really good club, but I was the guy out of town and it was hard to get trust. For example in 2015 I raced with Chris Holder as a pair in Poole a few times and in Torun, and we understood each other. In 2016 we did one meeting together and had three 5:1’s and one time a 4:2 – I dropped point with Woffy in that heat. But for the next meeting the pairs were changed again. When we spoke in Sweden when we were on our way to the airport we both were in shock, Why? if we really liked to be in pair and understood each other. That’s why I decided to go to a club where they really want me, I have to rebuild my name – I want to be a strong point, not only 2nd line. Thats why I think Gdansk will be a good option.

With Leicester racing on a Saturday night & most Polish meetings on Sunday do you see any issues riding for Leicester & are Gdansk happy with you riding in England?
I told the club that if I will get an offer which I’m looking for, I would like to race in the UK. In Poland a lot of people forget that to make some level and form you have to race more than one time a week. Meetings are always better than practice and also I want to be in touch with valuable riders and all technical news, so that’s why I signed.

For most British fans when they hear the name Kacper Gomolski they think of Heat 14 in the 2nd leg of the 2015 grand final, you won the race which sealed the title for Poole & there were great scenes afterwards, riders doing donuts, bikes in the grandstand etc. What was that night like?
That was a crazy day. Especially as in the 1st leg in Belle Vue I destroyed my bike and racesuit. We were in a rush to prepare. The first two heats I was totally s**t. I was so angry, but I spoke with my mechanic and boys and said to myself don’t destroy it, you worked all year to be here – just two more heats, make a start and it will be ok. Then the two last heats were perfect. This heat 14 was something what gives you wings. I remember in one corner I saw Dakota on the centre green, but I felt speed even when the Aces pair were near. When I crossed the finish line and saw all this cheering I was in a big shock. It was an amazing feeling. Especially during the season there was a time when Matt (Ford)wanted a changed team and to put me out from Poole, but he gave me trust and these last meetings were perfect for me. I felt like I’d gone from zero to hero. When I did a lap for the fans I threw my goggles and fans wanted gloves but they were too light! Sometimes I watch on youtube this heat from stage, because then you can feel the fans emotions. I really like it when fans cheer you, in Poole I met a lot of amazing people. Fans are one of the things why I am racing. I hope I can make some heats like this in Leicester too.

How is the pre season training going? What do you mainly work on? fitness, gym work. Do you ride Motocross etc?
Yes I do three practices each day. I start my day before 6 a.m. I want to be prepared the best I can. I also care about diet. Now we don’t have a good forecast for motocross, but I really like it.

Any other aims for 2017?
I want to be a solid point in each of my teams. I am really looking forward to meeting all people around British speedway. I know of fans in Poole which text me on twitter, but also want to meet new fans of Leicester. I know you had a really good crowd. In the Leicester area a lot of Polish people work, so I hope they will come too. Will be cool to visit your football stadium – I am big football fan. Especially as your city was champion and two Poles plays there. I’m looking forward to this season and hope we all will build something cool in Leicester and together with fans will make good show.

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