Thursday February 09, 2017
DYNAMIC Danny Ayres insists he'll carry on celebrating as if he's won a world title every time he wins a race.

Leicester’s new signing, who will also ride for Cradley Heath in the National League, is known as the top showman in the sport.

He won the hearts of TV viewers with a trademark celebration when riding for Glasgow last season and is popular throughout the country.

And he has assured fans his entertaining antics are here to stay with the 2017 campaign drawing ever closer.

Said Ayres: “I always say that when you win a race, there is no way to describe the feeling that goes through the body.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a National League race or a Grand Prix, a win is a win in my eyes and it just gives me a huge buzz.

“There is no better feeling than standing in front of hundreds or thousands of people who are roaring at you and excited to watch you.

“They pay to come through those gates and watch you, so to get a race win is overwhelming really.

“To give something back and get them all buzzing is something that just comes naturally to me.

“It’s just become part and parcel of my racing now, and I’ve become a bit known for it I think. I sometimes think people know me more for that than my racing, but hopefully people like me for both!

“I just thrive off it. I thrive off the people who come through the doors to watch racing, and if just a couple of people come to watch me or enjoy watching me because of it then that’s great.

“I just get a real buzz off it, and I try to get the fans involved. I don’t think I’ve really ridden anywhere and got a really bad reception, so that’s nice.

“When I get those goggles and that helmet on I’m as enthusiastic as anyone so there is plenty more of that going to come.”

Beaumont Park fans can see Ayres make his Lions debut on April 1 against Swindon Robins.

Meanwhile the club have also confirmed their Bank Holiday clash with league newcomers Rye House at home on May 29 will start at 2pm.

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