Tuesday February 14, 2017
Alterations to bends one and two of the Beaumont Park track will begin on Monday under the supervision of Glyn Taylor who carried out last winter’s modifications to the opposite corners.

The Lions Promoter Dave Darcy said: “I think that it is fair to say that the changes made to the third and fourth bends improved the quality of racing at Leicester last season as it gave riders more room going into the corner. However, it highlighted the fact that to give the track a ‘rounder feel’ and to achieve a similar experience for the competitors at the other end further alterations were needed.

“I am aware from talking to Lions fans that their number one item on a ‘wish list’ is to see phase two of the track alterations happen and I am pleased to say that since buying the club last month Damien Bates has that same viewpoint. We all want fans to leave the stadium on a Saturday night with the feeling that they have been entertained having watched an exciting speedway match.” The work is expected to take two weeks to complete and Darcy thanked JB Toolhire, one of the club’s business partners for their help in the project.

Leicester begin the new Premiership season with a home fixture against the Swindon Robins on Saturday 1st April who are led by their former captain Jason Doyle who spent two years with the Lions.

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