Sunday February 26, 2017
Beaumont Park is recovering from Storm Doris after it passed through the stadium on Thursday causing damage particularly to the pits area where sections of the roof and wall came down.

Meanwhile, whilst repair work is being carried out, track improvements to bends one and two are progressing well. The whole circuit is also due to undergo work next week to erase imperfections that have manifested over the six years.

“The alterations to bends one and two are going to make a significant difference as the new shape will open up more racing lines entering and exiting the turns.

"As part of the project we are investing time and money into restoring the surface because the levels have changed. I am sure that riders will feel the difference and experience a smoother ride when they race at Leicester this season.

"Also I am sure that the quality of the racing will significantly heighten for the fans” said the Watling JCB Lions Promoter David Darcy.

Facilities for both teams at Beaumont Park are being upgraded with the addition of new changing rooms, shower cubicles and washroom for the start of the season.

“We are bringing together all three under one roof which will be situated in the pits opposite the first bend. Riders have had to put up with these three essential elements in different parts of the complex which was not convenient so I am sure that is going to be a welcome change on race nights” added Darcy.


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