Wednesday March 15, 2017
Coventry, who was set to adopt Beaumont Park as their temporary home for a set period of time this season, will after all make an appearance at the venue when a Bees team will race against Leicester for the East Midlands Bowl.

Leicester’s near neighbours were hopeful of returning to their spiritual home at some stage this season following the removal of fixtures and fittings during the winter which rendered their stadium unusable in its present state but with no forthcoming guarantee of when restoration work would commence speedway’s governing body took the decision to put their licence on ice for a year.

“We were fully committed to helping out Coventry with a temporary track share at Leicester and were disappointed as any when it was announced that their survival had fallen through” said the Lions Promoter David Darcy.

The East Midlands Bowl originates from the early fifties between the two clubs and the tradition has continued through the two eras of the Lions. The event will be staged on Saturday 13th May.

“In some small way this meeting will be an opportunity for Bees fans to support the riders who have given them so much pleasure over the years and also the meeting will help to keep Coventry’s name in the media spotlight and hopefully we will see them back on track next year” added Darcy.

Meanwhile, Leicester’s Premiership fixture against Wolverhampton on 26th August will now take place on Saturday 2nd September and the Somerset Rebels who were scheduled to visit that night will visit Beaumont Park a week earlier in place of the Wolves.

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