Wednesday April 05, 2017
There will be an added attraction for fans following Saturday’s SGB Premiership fixture between Leicester and Poole.

Dan and Joe Thompson will be representing the Leicester Lion Cubs in a four heat challenge match against Jordan Palin and Jacob Clayton who will be wearing the colours of the Long Eaton Invaders.

It is the first in a series of events planned to take place after the main event at Beaumont Park featuring junior riders of similar age who are currently racing in the 250cc class of competition.

David Darcy the Watling JCB Leicester Lions Promoter said: “We have taken great interest in Dan and Joe and watched them grow year on year into competent speedway riders in their age group. We believe that they both have a great future ahead of them and decided to offer them further opportunities to help increase their skills particularly by creating a mini-match environment where they can experience riding as a team. The same applies to Jordan Palin and Jacob Clayton who are also delivering positive results. The future of British Speedway starts at this level and we have always been very supportive of creating track time for youngsters to learn. The event has been branded Leicester versus Long Eaton and that is important to keep the name of the Derbyshire club in the minds of everyone during the course of their search for a suitable piece of land to build a stadium in the locality.”

Dan and Joe will be competing in the 250cc class of the opening round of the British Youth Championship at Peterborough on Sunday.

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